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Please submit a cover letter, including:


1. Why you would like to apply for the fellowship fund.

2. What makes you think you are ready to the work with BODY // MIND // FLOW.

3. Which type(s) of self-development work you have done in the past.

4. Which (if any) of the BODY // MIND // FLOW course(s) or program(s) you have completed in the past.

5. Which BODY // MIND // FLOW course or program you are applying for.


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Please submit a ‘creative’ output:


At BODY // MIND // FLOW we believe that your creative freedom and expression in the world is paramount. You are invited to CREATE something as your submission. Colleges and universities would ask for an entrance essay, however we are requesting that you send something that speaks about YOU. It does not matter which medium you choose (creative writing, drawing…you can even just record yourself talking, singing, or reading).


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