A five session immersion to frame up a life in FLOW, guiding you to clarify + calibrate the core, essential ingredients of self-development.



The field of self-development is packed with so called ‘experts’ that can often confuse the seeker with abstract language. This Core Essentials program introduces the most important ingredients that will help you get clear on how to either start (or recalibrate) your journey with self-development.

You have all the answers you need already inside of you, so CORE ESSENTIALS positions YOU as your own best expert, offering you practical, previously tried and tested methodologies, techniques and lenses to start to take a look at what is and what is not working for you.

This course is a precursor to CORE FOUNDATIONS, and as such is considered to be a powerful first step in self-development work.

‘You’ll enjoy it more than you think...and likely get more out of it than you might expect.’



CORE ESSENTIALS was created to:

  • Help you feel less stressed and exhausted by day to day life, becoming clear on the triggers that deplete you, as well as how to start to find a solution.
  • Answer your search for a modality or way of focusing to solve the feeling of unease, where your previous attempts to ‘fix’ what isn’t working were not successful.
  • Quench your curiosity around self-development, even if you are unsure which direction to take based on the infinite voices in the arena.
  • Help you bring perspective and control to emotions that emerge in the face of the realities of life, starting to give you the power of process to do things differently.
  • Lessen how personally you take the opinions of others, allowing you to not get caught in the story or argument along the way, experiencing deeper relationships as a result.
  • Answer the question you’ve been asking yourself...‘is this it?’ You know full well there is more, yet you’ve not been able to access ‘it’ previously.
  • Help you feel less disillusioned with your current way of life, become less distracted, and closer to your sense of purpose.

Minimise the overwhelm from the amount of voices and ‘noise’ in the arena of coaching and spirituality.


How are you flowing?


  • DAY ONE: Plotting your development map.
  • DAY TWO: What is a self?
  • DAY THREE: Setting up your simple daily practice.
  • DAY FOUR: Checking in movement, nutrition and rest.
  • DAY FIVE: Becoming objective to wealth, intimacy + abundance in your life.

THROUGH THIS COURSE...'ll find the core ingredients and essential tools to either start, or recalibrate your journey with self-development:

PROCESSING your inner dialogue in a resourceful way, becoming clear about what’s gotten you stuck in old patterns.

FEELING confident in a grounded, practical and structured approach to your self-development work that isn’t ‘woo-woo.’

ASSESSING how your life is now.

PLANNING how you want your life to be in the future.

STOP running away from your inner self, and find out how to become still in order to process it.

ASKING the big questions and start to learn a mechanism by which to answer them, without having to (or being able to!) retreat from everyday life.

GETTING over the guilt of taking time out for self, making it resourceful and even fun (wild, hey?!) to take time out and take a look at yourself.

PURSUING an approach to life that’s more selective and simple than simply success-centric.


Nathan Morse

Human behaviour expert + facilitator of movement across the three pivotal areas of BODY, MIND + FLOW. Committed to the unfolding of other humans as we transform ourselves out of a life of suffering, and into a more easeful existence.

‘Going through lockdown, I really did find myself dipping into the toolkit I’ve built up in my work with Nathan: I didn’t suffer as much as I would have, if I didn’t have these tools. I know I can change my frame of mind, just with one breath…and awareness.’ -


How to Know if This Course is Right for You

✓ You are ready to take a look at your self.

✓ You are committed to your own unfolding and self-exploration, however not ready for the deeper dive into one-on-one coaching conversations.

✓ You are exhausted from being exhausted and looking to try a sustainable approach to self work

✓ You know you are looking for answers about yourself, about life, but you don’t perhaps have the framework to ask the right questions in order to locate these answers.

✓ You’ve tried multiple other answers before, and feel a little confused about how any of these ‘fixes’ or ‘solutions’ fit together.

✓ You are ready for an initial sequence of self study that will allow you to explore your inner landscape in a way that feels grounded, factual and REAL.

✓ You are prepared to challenge yourself to a different way of being.

‘A must-do activity for any person with a busy life who wants to slow down, and focus on some 'home-improvement'.’



With your investment into yourself, you will receive:

  • One introductory session that details the process, how to approach the work and all the finer points.
  • One housekeeping session that outlines best practice and finer details.
  • Five sessions or ‘lessons’ each lasting from 10-20 mins, (*ideally* practiced on sequential days).
  • One ‘closing reflections’ session.
  • The Core Essentials ‘Playbook’ (AKA workbook) to download/print/keep forever, and keep returning to in order to check in on progress.
  • Lifetime access to the course, for as long as it exists online, including new/updated versions.

$250 AUD

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