An online library created for movement seekers to break down the practice of yoga in digestible, easy to follow, logical steps


In the comfort and privacy of your own home, the flow of this resource is geared toward removing the overwhelm that is commonplace for many when it comes to the practice of this vast field.

Elements of Yoga is a self-study style resource created to offer the ongoing study of specific physical yoga positions and techniques.

ELEMENTS OF YOGA will support you in resolving:

  • You joined class without knowing the basic poses and now learning on the fly/winging it/hoping for the best.
  • You are uncomfortable to ask questions about specific elements of the practice of yoga in a class.
  • Yoga seems intimidating and you don’t know where to start.
  • You feel unsettled when joining a class in which each instructor has their own language, so often feel overwhelmed, and even inferior or stupid.
  • The learning in yoga is deep, and life gets busy, so the smaller tips and tricks can get forgotten until fully embodied. In class, forgetfulness can be frustrating, sometimes even leading to injury.
  • Irritated by tie - dye/crystals/mala beads, because that whole identity just isn’t you…spirituality can be a libido killer for some!
  • You feel confronted as a result of previous attempts to practice by all the chanting and more esoteric aspects, left with frustration and simply wanting to break things down into basics.
  • In class practice is always moving very quickly, leading you to feel more disillusioned at your lack of knowledge, and reluctant to keep practicing.

"Nathan is a positive, generous yoga teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience. He teaches with humility and a sense of care for his students, explaining the philosophy and physical benefits of why poses may be helpful."


Through use of ELEMENTS OF YOGA, you’ll be able to:

Have the practice to be broken down into individual component poses and keep things more objective than woo-woo.

Refer to an online resource when needed in the absence of judgment, in order to supplement an in-person or online practice.

Build your base knowledge around yoga gradually, in a way that makes sense linguistically, in a self-paced format from home.

Have a ‘reminder’ library to refer back to as things get forgotten or confused, and that can eventually tie back into self development work.

Learn more about yoga, in a way that is understandable, relatable, practical.

Get away from the ‘woo-woo’ of yoga, and more into the physical, mental and energetic aspects.

Digest the tools and basics for the practice, without the fluffier side of spirituality.

Break things down with time and space, given class always moves so quickly.

'Expect a good balance of movement to stretch and time to relax and release, as well as the ease of being able to weave these practices into the schedule happening in the day.'


Format of this resource:

✓ Online library laying out short, easy to digest individual recordings of yoga positions and specific practices.

✓ Recordings are self-study, so can be practiced at your leisure.

✓ Sign up does not include access to any online live sessions or other BODY // MIND // FLOW courses.

How to know if this resource is not for you:

✓ You genuinely hate yoga in all forms.

✓ You are not interested in spending some time exploring the physical, mental and energetic benefits of a yoga practice.

✓ You don’t like to receive a complimentary gift of real value.


An invitation to receive notes on love, tools for knowing and reflections on flow from BODY // MIND // FLOW.

Complimentary membership to ELEMENTS of YOGA with the option to pay it forward by donating to the BODY // MIND // FLOW SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

Access to a constantly growing library of short, easy to follow videos that breakdown key elements of a yoga practice.