A weekly *LIVE* guided movement class for flow seekers designed to educate, equip and empower you to a deeper relationship with body + mind.



Designed for all levels of yoga practitioner, this fusion of styles offers the chance to slow down, locate some space, open the body and still the mind. 

FRIDAY FLOW is an exclusively inclusive space. All body shapes, sizes and forms are welcome, as well as all races, faiths and identities. The focus is on community // COMMON-unity. 

Hosted via Zoom, this class is great for those that have a limited access to (or even interest in!) in-person classes, opting for the familiarity of a home setting.

FRIDAY FLOW will help you unravel:


  • You know that regular movement is important, but unsure about what to do, when and how to do ‘it.’
  • You feel overwhelmed by the different genres of yoga, unclear about which practice is ‘right’ for me.
  • You’ve always believed that you are ‘not a yoga person.’
  • You have been put off (or even scared of) practicing yoga thanks to an experience in the past which was incredibly technical and confusing.


You’ve been bored by the practice of yoga in the past, watching the clock all the way through.


  • You’re tired of scrolling for 2hrs through huge levels of choice in a yoga app/website, only to have missed the window of time to actually do it.
  • You are unmotivated by practice ‘alone,’ prefer the commitment of showing up to a group of people.
  • You are unsure about how the practice of yoga can support self development work.


What is going on for you moment to moment, day by day?

Through our time together in this weekly program, you can expect to:


  • Practice movement from the home that you love, and not have to become a ‘studio’ yoga person.
  • Learn and share in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Gain foundational knowledge of yoga and how to do each posture properly.
  • Create a safe, sustainable, practical routine using language you will understand easily.
  • Know what movement to practice, how to do it and when.
  • Learn more about yoga, in a way that is understandable, relatable and practical.


Learn more about how you think and feel in relation to your body, and how to work with it, injuries/limitations and all.


  • Take stock and reflect upon the week, arriving at the weekend with clarity, a feeling of spaciousness as well as capacity for more conscious choice.
  • Debunk the ‘woo-woo’ of yoga, and understand how it can help with personal development.
  • Process limiting self talk in a fun, approachable environment, from the comfort of home.
  • Find guidance within yourself, thanks to a style of facilitation that is both objective and pragmatic.

Mandy's journey with

'Not only are you have yoga practise in the comfort of your own home, you're being personally tutored by an undeniably un-judgmental person who has a keen eye for understanding the practise.

It will give you an enormous amount of return for the time invested, which isn't that much. I cannot say enough about what this has done for me. 

The stressors of the day are so immense - this is better than melatonin, better than wine...better than a massage.'


How to know if this is not the right fit for you:

  • You are not ready to take a look inside.
  • You are not ready to be objective and factual about your body.
  • You don’t want to commit to a weekly practice as a minimum.
  • You actually do not want to do yoga.
  • You hate yoga and yogis.
  • You are expecting the sessions to be a fix all, rather than the entry to a journey.
  • You have unrealistic expectations on both yourself, and this program’s potential deliverables.

Start to create space between your emotions and your reactions, and therefore more informed choices about how you show up.


Format of this program:

  • Sessions are every Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time), with two options:



  • Sessions are streamed live via Zoom.
  • Recordings of live sessions will be uploaded to your client account, available for six days after each session. Please note you will NOT be visible in the recording. 
  • You'll receive reminder emails containing all the credentials that you need in order to join, as well as what props to bring.
  • Your practice will be supported by Elements of Yoga Library, allowing you to deepen your practice in your own time with easy to digest short videos.
  • You'll start to get a sense of what's possible with self-development work.

‘Nathan, yoga practice with you is a refreshing mind, body, spirit workout. I’m a relative newbie to yoga practice and I find it very easy to follow your lead. You capture and keep my attention with clear explanations and step by step demonstrations.’


You Receive:

  • Weekly sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Access to session recordings for six (6) days post live session
  • Anytime access to Elements of Yoga, building on your knowledge outside ‘class.’


$89 / Month

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$890 / Year

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'Nathan is a positive, generous yoga teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience. Nathan teaches with humility and a sense of care for his students.

It’s not like a gym class, but you can feel physically challenged, as Nathan draws on a variety of yoga styles in his classes.

He explains the philosophy and physical benefits of why poses may be helpful. I liked that each week was different, and that he builds on knowledge shared in prior classes.'