For leaders seeking a pathway to balance and integration;
to shift from reactivity and resignation to rest and resilience. 

BODY // MIND // FLOW will help you resolve:

  • Burning out by overworking/overtraining/overdoing to the point of resignation and running away. 

  • Experiencing disconnection from colleagues, friends and family. 

  • Making needless mistakes as a result of being stressed and rushing.

  • Previous lack of work/life balance worsened post-pandemic. 

  • Having tried multiple ‘fixes’ in the past, confused around where to go next in terms of wellbeing. 

  • Knowing that some physical movement should be happening in the week, however you are busy to the point of distraction.

  • The overwhelm you experience in the face of all the ‘do this to fix your problems’ offers on the market.

Through our work together you'll be able to:


✓ To work on both self and leadership development that allows you to flourish in your role (and life). 

✓ Improve focus and productivity, as well as be able to take time out when needed. 

✓ Reduce stress and set clear boundaries around time and expectations. 

✓ Learn essential communication skills to be able to connect with team members/friends/family more easily. 

✓ To lead colleagues more effectively, becoming a problem solver and a person who brings others together.


'I have gained strength. I am not blaming myself as much for things that go wrong and I'm not internalising as much.

I'm faced with a lot of situations where I have a lot of pushback and I'm not buying in.'


How to know if BODY // MIND // FLOW is a good fit for you:

  • You are seeking an integrated approach to your own professional development.
  • You want to invest in yourself in a way that generates tangible results and that is also sustainable. 
  • You want to deepen both your professional and personal relationships.
  • You realise the need to do *something* before you reach burnout and/or resign. 

How to know if BODY // MIND // FLOW is NOT a good fit for you:

  • You are not ready to be challenged – either by yourself, or the facilitator – in service of change.
  • You do not see the need for a program that will expand your capacity to perform whilst living a more grounded life.


One of the BODY // MIND // FLOW team will be in touch with you to discuss your specific needs.