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Ask yourself this: When you get a notification that your software needs an update, do you eventually get to it? Just like your computer hardware and software, you require maintenance and sometimes overhaul.

You might have the sense that you and your life want/need a few tweaks, an update or even that long overdue overhaul, but do you know where to start? What comes first? Do you have a sense of what your own map looks like?

The BODY // MIND // FLOW Simple Self Check In is a short, self-guided, self-study course to be enjoyed at your own pace. In terms of self-development practise, you will gain insight into what's already going well, and some areas for focus. It will offer you increased awareness and help sharpen your intention. From awareness, great choices can be made. Journeys can be started. Newer versions can be iterated.

We all have our own path to follow, however Simple Self Check in offers you a way to start to mark your own dot points, starting to create a specific map for your own way onward.

One final question for you: What is the cost of you continuing to struggle yourself vs $50?