A simple, repeatable, check in practise for busy, stressed, working people to pinpoint what’s misaligned, plus where to recalibrate and continue.

Supporting you to prioritise your own wellbeing, Simple Self Check In offers you the means to create a personalised, point-by-point plan to feel less stuck in your life.


  • You know something is off, but you can’t quite pinpoint it. 

  • You’re frustrated with lack of balance (work/life, friends/family, health/wellness) and want to make changes: But you don’t know where to start. 

  • You’re struggling with a sense of yourself. You’re asking yourself ‘who am I’

  • You’ve noticed patterns of behaviour that come up in relationships and friendships – you’re not sure how to begin to process them. 

  • You’re on autopilot and want to make more of a conscious connection with yourself. 

  • You lack clarity around certain life decisions ahead of you.


Start to experiment with self development, without overcommitting.

✓ Find answers to questions like ‘is this it?’, and ‘is this as good as it's meant to get for me?’

✓ Understand why your life seems like a rollercoaster of emotions.

✓ Start to cultivate stability for yourself, without needing to ‘over-lean’ on others.

✓ Find an easy, simple tool to integrate into any day of a busy life.



Why did I create Simple Self Check In?

When I went about my quest for lasting change in my life back in 2016, before the world really started shifting, there was little in terms of nuts and bolts processes that I could find. 

There were so many voices in the field of development, and my head was spinning from what was a chaotic, full on life. Learning to listen to the inner voice has been the difference that has made the difference for my life, and in those of my clients. 

Based on lived experience, and distilled down into nine points, Simple Self Check In is my offering to you: It has simplicity of visuals and process, as well as calming sound baked right in. 

The only way to turn is inward, and by asking ourselves the right questions, in the right sequence, we can find the most impactful answers of our lives. 

I hope you enjoy using it as much I have in creating it!

X Nathan




In their words - explore what three clients had to say about The BODY // MIND // FLOW Framework. 


Simple Self Check In is where it all begins. 


Connect the dots of your self development in the comfort of your own home 

Once you've moved through the 7 minute Welcome + Introduction, each 'Check In' recording is 5 minutes or less: So you'll need no more than 15 minutes to repeat the course whenever you need to. 

Once you've completed it a few times, you'll be able to use the PLAYsheet to work through the specific sequence of points at your leisure. 


What makes me the right coach for you?

  • I understand what it is to have a distracted life, looking outside for answers. 
  • I’ve learned the hard way how to turn inward and find a way of self-relating and self-regulating.
  • I am brutally honest, which is often disruptive – so that makes me an ideal for someone who wants to shake things up and live a more intentional, easeful life. 
  • I work with people who are ready to start to take a look inside. 
  • I bring levity and lightheartedness to what can often be heavy, burdensome topics.
  • I facilitate a judgement free space – you show up as you ARE.

Format of this program:

  • Entirely pre-recorded sessions, hosted in the BODY // MIND // FLOW learning platform.
  • One introduction session, three main activity sessions, and one closing session. 
  • Main sessions are each 5 mins or less. 

You Receive:

  • A custom, downloadable PDF PLAYsheet - yours to keep and play with. 
  • Access to the course for it's lifetime.
  • Immediate access to all new versions of the course.
  • A complimentary 15 minute booking link for a conversation with BODY // MIND // FLOW's founder. Ask anything you are unclear on or struggling with. 

$150 AUD

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