A BODY // MIND // FLOW PLAYshop in St Albans, UK. 

A 2.5 hour in-person immersion exploring how to move skilfully through challenging situations and conversations in your life. 

To be ‘conscious’ is to be aware of and responding to one’s surroundings, yet how often do you find yourself wanting to tune out, switch off, or just run to a foreign land?


It has been said that in order to expand our consciousness, we need to look at how and where we are asleep to reality. In an increasingly complex, polarised world, your capacity to hold multiple perspectives of reality at once is not just a skillset, but an essential asset. 


With an increased capacity to take on more of these perspectives, you will be able to offer others ways of seeing that would otherwise go missed. From an integral perspective, there is less need to personalise or become caught up in unresourceful thinking. This offers you the potential to participate in the world in a more free, inclusive way. 


From this 2.5 hour workshop, you will take away an impactful and practical methodology that you can use to expand your ability to experience the world from more perspectives. You will be able to manoeuvre more skillfully through challenging situations and conversations in your life, and therefore guide yourself to a more expansive way of experiencing life.


You will also gain insight into your own native perspectives, and your own specific opportunities for growth and further expansion.



'I am a people pleaser, do not like was really nice to understand that I am not the only person to be going through these things, everybody does in life.

I have definitely started to think about things differently when I do come into a time when I have difficulty with people or groups or has really helped me take step back and look at things more wholly.

Highly recommend giving it a go.' 


NAVIGATING DIFFICULTIES will support you in resolving:

  • The difficulty you experience in communicating with others, and your frustration by a lack of understanding as to where others are coming from. 
  • Feeling distance from friends, family, colleagues as a result of struggling to communicate effectively. 
  • Create the space for others to be able to communicate clearly, and for you to do the same in return. 
  • Improve how you relate to and with others, get clear on where to begin, and how to continue. 
  • The moments where you are triggered in conversations where you are not being heard, allowing you to start giving up unresourceful, old patterns. 
  • The lack of tools and practices to be able to communicate what you want to say.

Through this PLAYshop, you'll be able to:

  • Relate more deeply with yourself, and others, becoming clear about how to approach the more challenging conversations you’ve been avoiding or dreading.
  • Feel more at ease in communication with others and create more capacity to understand how others see the world. 

  • Be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently with loved ones. 

  • Say the unsaid, and encourage others to do the same, creating relationships of depth and truth. 

  • To ‘get’ others, and for others to ‘get’ you, starting to have a more positive impact in the world.

  • Speak from a more elevated place where they feel freer not to engage in old patterns and behaviours, and have fewer disagreements. 

Sarah's journey

'I went in with no expectation...I absolutely loved it. I took away a huge amount of empowerment. I can find peace in many situations that I thought there is no way I can find peace in that. It gave me a huge amount of clarity...I let go of so much that I did not need to be holding onto. I took away the mum/boss/friend/partner hat and looked deeper into who I am as a human. I don't have to be a superhuman/supermum/everyone's best friend. It's made me a better mum/boss/friend.'


How to know if this is a good fit for you:

  • You are ready to take a look inside of you, asking some important questions. 
  • You are ready to take responsibility for how you are showing up in the world. 
  • You’re ready to be playful and curious about your self.
  • You are ready to elevate how you relate to other human beings on this planet.

How to know if this is NOT a good fit for you:

  • You are not ready to be challenged – either by yourself, or the facilitator – in service of shedding old behaviours.
  • You are not up for having a fun, game-changing session. 

Kate's experience

'1. I learnt that there are many different perspectives that people have.
2. It was very practical...gave us really practical tools that we could take away and use in our lives.
3. The workshop was super was presented in a way that made sense...everyone can find tools and pieces of gold, no matter where you are coming from.'

Format of this program:

  • Live, in-person facilitated PLAYshop, hosted at Nuffield St Albans, Herts
  • 2-4:30PM Saturday 22nd October 2022
  • Main session with partner exercise
  • Short breath work practice with meditation 
  • Final sharing and integration
  • Homeplay exercises set to deepen your learning.

You Receive:

  • Access to session
  • Practical tool to share with your family/colleagues/loved ones

£55 GBP

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Emma's experience

'1. I noticed that I am pretty emotional with conflict - I learnt how to detach from that.
2. It showed me where the aligned action is.
3. I have space to look objectively at situations without getting enthralled emotionally. It's been really powerful for me and my clients.

It's very grounded, not esoteric...offering practical tools to help you navigate complex situations all those things that life throws at you - and it's really FUN.'