THE FLOW is a community for stressed, working people seeking relief from a busy life. 


Expect a committed movement practise coupled with monthly facilitated conversations that honour + enhance your growth. 

Introducing The Enneagram Sessions

Your journey inward will be expedited when coupling a physical practice with this powerful tool for discovery. 

Enneagram (Ennea - nine / Gramma - written or drawn) are the nine core personality types. Contrary to common belief, this is a process of becoming clear about who and what we are NOT, in order to understand more of who we ARE. 

As humans, we often lack awareness and therefore objectivity. When we can observe our habituated patterns and behaviours, there is the possibility for more conscious choices about how we are showing up in our lives. 

If there are over 8 billion people on this planet, and nine core personality types, then it truly cannot be all about us, cannot be personal. Do this work and watch your whole orbit change. 

The Enneagram Sessions are hosted the first Wednesday of each month at 11AM AEST (that's the first TUESDAY for you peeps in America, 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern). 

Does this sound familiar?


  • You're not getting enough movement...when you do you are unsure if it's ‘right’ for you.

  • You're overwhelmed by the volume of apps and options for physical movement.

  • You're either curious about self development, or already committed to it.

  • You want to connect the proverbial dots between you and what’s going on in your life.

  • You want to slow down and create some space in that busy head of yours.

  • You’ve either heard of or used The Enneagram, and want to deepen your knowledge.

  • You want to get off autopilot and prioritise your own wellbeing, from the inside out. 

As a part of The Flow Community, you'll:


  • Take stock and reflect upon the week, arriving at the weekend with increased clarity.
  • Find space and capacity for conscious choices that are aligned with the life you want.

  • Connect with your inner voice in a fun, approachable environment, from the comfort of your home.

  • Experience how a physical practise impacts how the mind works, and get a sense of your interconnectedness.

  • Understand more about how The Enneagram supports self-development and enquiry.


Have you had times in your life when you’ve been totally heard, seen, felt? Maybe with your bestie or soulmate? When you’ve experienced a deeper way of relating that seems to be increasingly rare?

The Enneagram allows you to be your own best friend in this life. It will allow you to hear, see, feel, experience and hold yourself in a deep, profound and lasting relationship.

Several years ago I went online and took the test. 144 multiple choice questions, with an ‘a’ or a ‘b’ option for each. EASY. Then a pdf report appeared in my inbox. I spent several weeks avoiding it in fear.

Finally plucking up the courage, I sat in a coffee shop reading a print out, with my mouth wide open. I couldn't believe there could be so accurate a description of me. It was like someone had stared into my soul, and put it onto A4 paper. Surely this was all a joke? In a Truman-Show-conspiracy-theory-head, I looked for the hidden cameras around me.

That day my whole way of showing up in the world was disrupted — without question for the better. How was this even possible? How was it possible to answer a bunch of questions and then get this report on my soul back?

See, there was this human being that I'd taken myself to be for all these years. It never quite sat right. There was always a residual level of discomfort (and oftentimes pain). It became clear that I'd been busy running toward a false identity, and by default running from the true, essential me.

I was exhausted from maintaining and upholding an image - an illusion I thought the world needed in order for me to accepted - in order for me to be loved. I'd been pretending to the world.

With the confrontation that came with this report, there was a deep sense of relief. It showed me that who I'd taken myself to be wasn't true. When we learn to sit with the agony of learning to let go, lies possibility, freedom and spaciousness. It allows us to be free of identity, free to be more of who we truly are.

I’ve been using Enneagram personally and professionally with individual and corporate clients for over five years now, with astounding results. I am delighted to share this powerful tool with The Flow Community.

The reason I am sharing this, alongside physical yoga practise? Because I wish someone had offered me the two together years ago!

X Nathan

Mandy's journey

'The attention to detail is phenomenal. 

I'm feeling stronger, and more than anything calmer inside. 

I can't say enough about it, I would welcome you to a beautiful, non-judgmental space.' 


Expand the space between your emotions and your reactions, and therefore more informed choices about how you show up.


Format of the program:

  • Yoga sessions are every Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time):
    • 7AM AEST
    • 1PM AEST

  • Monthly community calls around development and monthly theme, first Wednesday of each month, 11AM AEST (first Tuesday of each month USA, 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern)
  • All sessions are streamed live via Zoom.
  • Recordings of live movement sessions will be uploaded to your client account, available for six days after each session. Please note you will NOT be visible in the recording. 
  • Enneagram Sessions will kept up for twelve months from the original. Please note you WILL be visible and audible in recordings. 
  • Your practice will be supported by Elements of Yoga Library, allowing you to deepen your practice in your own time with easy to digest short videos.
  • You'll start to get a sense of what's possible with self-development work.


'In a post pandemic world this is the best way for me to practise. 

There are so many positives that will reveal themselves as you get further into the process.

I would say go for it. Its life changing.'

How to know if this is not the right fit for you:

  • You are not ready to take a look inside.

  • You are not ready to be honest and factual about your body and/or mind.

  • You don’t want to commit to a weekly practice - as a minimum.

  • You are expecting the sessions to be a 'fix all', rather than the entry or continuation to your self-development journey.

  • You have unrealistic expectations on both yourself, and this program’s potential deliverables.


You Receive:

  • Weekly live facilitated movement sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Monthly live facilitated Enneagram Sessions (90-120 mins each)
  • Access to movement session recordings for six (6) days, Enneagram Sessions for twelve months post live session
  • Anytime access to Elements of Yoga, building on your knowledge outside ‘class.’


$150 / Month

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Part or fully sponsored places are available from time to time via THE FELLOWSHIP FUND



$1,350 / Year

Price in AUD. Convert your currency here.

Part or fully sponsored places are available from time to time via THE FELLOWSHIP FUND


'Nathan is a positive, generous teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience. He teaches with humility and a sense of care for his students.'